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Interior House Painting Services - Leland

Nandos Painting offers a wide variety of house painting services: from interior ceilings and drywall painting and repairs, to taking care of the entire exterior of your home, including pressure washing prep work.

Interior House Painting - Leland
We can take care of all your interior painting needs. Nandos is able to perform several handyman services related to interior house painting. We use high-quality paint and we can do just about any inside painting project.

  • Drywall repairs
  • Ceiling repair and painting
  • Interior door painting or staining
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Brush, roll, spray
  • Cabinet refinishing

We will come to your house and give you a free estimate for any interior or exterior painting of your house: ceiling, stairs or drywall painting or repair. If your home improvement or home renovations include painting, call us.

Affordable Residential House Painting Contractors in Leland
Finding an affordable painting company that is also reliable and performs excellent work is not easy. There are several things you need to consider before hiring a contractor with a group of workers you have never seen to come spend time at your house:
1. Are they Licensed and Insured?
2. Positive Reviews - What do others say about their work?
3. Clear Communication and Agreement Regarding Your Project.

Nando's Painting is Licensed and Insured
Before you agree to have a painting contractor bring his crew to your home you need to make sure they are licensed and insured. There are many house painting crews running around with a proper business license and without liability insurance. A legitimate small business owner and contractor will have insurance to pay for damages while a cheap fly-by-night will simply disappear. The same is true for injuries - a legitimate painting contractor/company will have Workman's Compensation Insurance for his workers.

We have Great Reviews and Happy Customers
Check the BBB or Google Reviews to read customer reviews. Ask the contractor for 2-3 customer references - most legitimate contractors will be happy to give you a few names/phone numbers to get references.

Clear Communication and Agreement Regarding Your Project
Any house painting project is big. Have a good discussion with the painting contractor or the company manager about what to expect: How long will the project take? Will the site be cleaned up after the project? You should cover the details until you feel confident that you and the contractor are in agreement.

Obviously, things can go wrong in almost any project. Even the best painting contractor can run into unforeseen issues: a good contractor/company will not hide problems, but will help you discuss and find solutions.

Interior House Painting Services - Leland
Interior House Painting Services - Leland
Interior House Painting - Coastal NC
Interior House Painting Services Leland
House Painting Services Leland
Interior House Painting Services Leland
House Painting Services Leland
Interior House Painting Services Leland
Interior House Painting Services Leland
Interior House Painting Contractors Leland NC
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House Painting Contractor Services Nandos House Painting Services of Wilmington NC Offers Money Saving Coupons for Interior and Exterior Projects, Ceiling and Drywall Painting in Leland, Oak Island and Carolina Beach

WILMINGTON-LELAND NC -- Nandos Painting Services announced today that it will offer money saving coupons for initial services for painting and pressure wash cleaning in the greater Wilmington NC area. Nandos specializes in interior and exterior painting projects, ceiling and drywall repair and painting.

"We are offering money saving coupons for homeowners and business owners for our house painting services," said Fernando Lopez, Owner of Nandos Painting. "We want you to experience the quality of our work. Download our cash saving coupons and give us a chance to show you how our team of professional painters can help you."

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Nandos Painting in Leland - Residential House Painter and Contractor in Leland.

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